We Heart Zaanti

We Heart Zaanti!


Zaanti Stores

Zaanti Stores has become a new revolution for anything beautiful. This online shop has redefined the term ‘online shopping‘ and has endless stock of beautiful jewelry for both men and women, quaint party favors, a wonderful and varied selection of gifts, unique Handmade soaps and really beautifully made Murano Glass Sculptures straight from Italy. On top of all of that Zaanti has a really impressive range of health and beauty products, their cosmetics section is brilliant, I’m talking BenefitClarins, Lancôme and Rimmel to name a few. They also have a really amazing range of Organic Cosmetics that I am a major fan of. I’ve been a regular customer for months now ordering my Mascara, and my one and only vintage pink rimmel lipstick among many other items there for prices that rival the likes of Boots! I’m also a hug fan of the croc style bags, I love a good heavy duty bag to keep everything I need in and I really like the Fragrances they have in, I’ve been eyeing up Estee Lauder Pleasures for a while now and have already ordered Guerlain Cherry Blossom Glittering EDT – 35ml and am so excited that I’m basically setting up camp outside my front door! The delivery man ill be in for a shock!

I love the fresh, natural look of the website, its calming and so pretty making me much more inclined to spend my money! I would definatley check this website out, it has so many really lovely things that you wouldn’t have a clue where to find normally, as well as mainstream Digital CamerasPhoto Frames and Camcorders…I know, crazy! Patricia, the founder of Zaanti, has just about everything you could possibly want in an online shop and has created a utopia for online shoppers that is second to none.

Their customer service is impeccable and everything you order is sent out punctually, which is  a nice change considering the laziness of some E-tailers nowadays! So get on and get shopping because I can safely say that christmas has certainly come early this year .

Dying to know more?

Contact Zaanti : Website : www.zaantistores.co.uk
                                  Number : 0845 392 5512
                                  Email : info@zaantistores.co.uk


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