Slogan Sweatshirts

So it seems recently as a result of watching Drakes HYFR *Hell Yeah F***ing Right* video on Youtube repeatedly I have been sucked into this whole OVOXO jumper thing. Watch it,¬†, at your own discretion of course…but there is a clip close to the beginning of the video where you see Drake decked out in … Continue reading

Youtube, here I come!

I’ve not really got into the whole Youtube craze and to be completley ¬†honest with you guys, I think it’s about time and now is probably a better time than ever! Sooo, with that said, here is my first official Youtube video about my favourite dresses. Nothing life changing but something fashion based that I … Continue reading

Red Lips and Leopard Print Scarves

HEY GUYS! It’s been a while but I am finally back on form with my blogging and I will NEVER neglect this beautiful blog again. SO without further adeau, here’s somethings that have happened that you may find interesting. So, I’ve almost finished year one of uni, so that’s kinda great. However, I hated the … Continue reading