I Want them!!!

  I’ve recently been looking for my newest fashion crush and I have recently found it, courtesy of Kurt Geiger and it’s in the form of a pair of black, silver studded ankle boots. I, love them. They look so incredibly hardcore but they are made with the same level of detail as KG’s most … Continue reading

Nasty Gal Wishlist

So I decided to have a wonder around the world wide web for some quirky new fashion as of late I haven’t been able to get away from styles that I find are pretty generic and kind of unoriginal. I love wearing clothes that would otherwise look a little crazy on the hanger but when styled correctly … Continue reading

it may be cold outside…

It may be cold outside, winter approaching, rain beating angrily on my window but inside…thats a totally different story… In my home is the hope of a new, exciting and hopefully HOT summer next year and whilst i’ve been in such good spirits I have also been cleverly seeking out new trends for spring/summer 2011 and am … Continue reading

Photo Of The Day…

Halle Berry has broken so many barriers for women of colour and continues to shine on the front of Vogue‘s September issue. Considering the last black woman on the cover of the September issue of  Vogue was Naomi Campbell in 1989 I think we can understand what a major deal this is. Although I’m  not one … Continue reading

Cougar ?

I’m sat in my class at college doodling on a scrap piece of lined paper and falling in and out of educational conciousness when I hear something disturbing. My male classmates thought it best to choose our Media lesson to discuss who’s mum was a Cougar! In my horror I spun round to see them all … Continue reading