China Soon Celebrates…

The sixteenth edition of Vogue has been defining China’s fashion and¬†life-style for the past 5 years and counting, and I could not be happier. Vogue has been influencing the world of fashion for centuries, providing a creative and successful outlet for industry insiders and giving young girls’ pocket money everywhere a purpose. Although many publications … Continue reading

Girl Meets Boy

If anybody, France knows how to blur the lines between feminine and masculine. Their July 2010 Vogue issue exposes the boyish charm within Rachel Zimmerman’s raw sex appeal. With dramatic eyes,¬†edgey leather, punk-style¬†studs and the confident french attitude we all¬†love to hate,¬†androgyny has never looked so chic…

What does the future hold for Freja?

22 year old¬†Danish beauty Freja¬†Beha¬†Erichsen¬†takes modelling to new heights, more specifically out of this world in this editorial spread. Vogue’s March 2010 issue was a portal into the future of fashion and a mirror of the creative distortions¬†of the late Alexander McQueen. When you gaze at these images push confusion far from your mind and … Continue reading

Fly me to the moon…

I never use to pay attention the real¬†beauty of fashion until Vogue kindly introduced me to Burberrys new selection of Aviator Jackets. Lined with thick¬†layers of coffee-coloured sheepskin and covered in expensive mahogony leather. Each jacket¬†equipped with straps, zips and belts, tailored to please the most difficult of¬†shoppers.¬†I would have to say Christopher Bailey has … Continue reading

Grunge Glamour ?

This years Autumn collections lined the inside of this months Vogue. As I flicked through the pages, autumn shades, hues and tints flashed past me and I felt a sudden¬†twinge of despair.¬†It dawned on me that July had only just¬†approached and already I was planning my wardrobe for the cold, wet and windy…¬† Yet there … Continue reading

All Woman?

Today I purchased the August issue of Vogue. The theme¬† Autumn 2010. This Vogue was accompanied by a much smaller, less regal magazine¬†labeled, New Season Newsflash, which I appreciated as an added bonus for my ¬£4.00. I began with the ‘mini-vogue’¬†,¬†happily¬†taking my time analysing each page, each fashion show, each new autumn trend planning on … Continue reading

Valentino Haute Couture A/W 10/11

Haute Couture¬†originated in Paris, the city of romance and fashion. The term¬†can¬†loosely be¬†defined as uniquely styled designs created¬†by the major¬†fashion houses such as Chanel, Valentino and many others.¬†Haute Couture¬†is and always has been individual in its creative themes and¬†design. Fashion houses create these¬†special collections¬†that set trends that dominate the following seasons¬†and grace the¬†glossy pages of … Continue reading