Snow Ball

Friday evening was the night of  Bilborough College’s long foreseen snow ball. Although it wasn’t exactly the glamour and sparkle of the Ritz it was an opportunity to dress to impress and it’d been a while since I’d really thrown on my ‘glad rags’ and enjoyed myself. Due to the icy conditions I rocked my black suedette wedges from … Continue reading

Snow Shoot for Magazine

Today I chose to use the snow to my advantage and take one of my editorials for my magazine. The snow, as cold as it was, was beautiful and looked so effective in the photo’s that I couldn’t resist it. I used my fellow blogger Ruju as my model as we have been hibernating at her house … Continue reading

Snow day!

I awoke this morning to the most amazing thick blanket of snow outside my window and as sick as I was…and still am, I couldn’t help but to document the beauty in all it’s glory. My cable-knit jumper is from Topshop about 50 or 55 if I remember correctly, I always get discount so I … Continue reading

Snow Snow Snow

Well, as you may have noticed blogging has been scarce of late and I figured as I have been bed ridden most of today with an awful illness that I should make some form of attempt to blog and get my mind of my cold. I was browsing on ASOS…as you do, and found some … Continue reading