Beyonce’s Fashion Mishap at the BET Awards

Now it is a well-known fact that my utter love and devotion for  Queen B is no secret to the masses, I love her passion, drive and have yet to stop listening to every album as far back as Destiny’s Child. HOWEVER, one of her most recent appearances at the 2012 BET Awards has got … Continue reading

no ordinary outfit post

So, I have this friend who dresses like she’s on the catwalk just about every day, it’s phenomenal. She never seems to have an off day fashion wise, so I felt that I should congratulate her on her efforts by doing an outfit post that wasn’t all about hailing my attire but celebrating hers! Leather … Continue reading

Custo Collection

Over the years Spain has produced many amazing things. We have Spain to thank for a World Cup winning football team, Enrique Iglesias and even those spicy tortilla’s that burn the corners of my mouth, *grrr*, so imagine my pure unexplainable joy when I found this Collection on Custo Barcelona’s Fall Collection was showcased in New York Fashion … Continue reading