Just me and my Viv

Over christmas my new found love hasn’t been a sexy new man or a depressingly addictive passion for chocolate, but a new accessory that has seen the light of day every day following it’s purchase. My tartan Vivienne Westwood albion is my baby, I love it and care for it as if it were truly created by my … Continue reading

New Season New Outfit

SO! I’ve not posted any of my outfits in suuch a long time that I felt it only right to get back to what I know best…fashion. This outfit is called, ‘I know its hot but I’m not ready to reveal my bare legs just yet’ and I love it. My arms are out which … Continue reading

Get out your Stars and Stripes…Happy 4th of July!

Now, I may not be a current resident of the United States…yet, but until that glorious day when I decide to move across the pond, I really don’t see why I can’t salute our American siblings on this day of all days…the 4th of July!!?!?! I have to admit I did feel a little patriotic, … Continue reading

It’s okay to smile…

Lately, I’ve noticed something very intriguing about us Fashion Bloggers. Over the past few years as blogging as become an online phenomena, it’s clear to me that we have developed this unvoiced criteria of what faces we should pull and what ways we should pose and you spot them in almost every fashion blog on the world-wide web, … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Outfit

As it may have dawned on you I have a ridiculous and highly infectious love of  Topshop fashion and it seems never-ending as I pull together an outfit that could easily have come straight off an in-store mannequin…how sad! Seeing as it has been so long since my last post in general never mind an outfit … Continue reading

Keep your black and white in check!

Yesterday tartan, today checked, I believe I’ve gone print crazy, but I love the concept of prints so no need to call any special institutions… Today I’ve injected a substantial amount of Toshop into my outfit and even if you don’t believe me, I’ll tell you it was totally by accident. Putting outfits together are tricky … Continue reading

fashion anyone?

Thought as much 😉 Another fashion highlight from an average college day and Chloe looking  more than average…again :)! I love this grunge glamour look, ive been seeing it constantly splashed across magazine editorials and i think its a really chic way to dress. Maxi skirts slouch jumpers or printed tee’s make this look a definite up and comer … Continue reading