Just me and my Viv

Over christmas my new found love hasn’t been a sexy new man or a depressingly addictive passion for chocolate, but a new accessory that has seen the light of day every day following it’s purchase. My tartan Vivienne Westwood albion is my baby, I love it and care for it as if it were truly created by my … Continue reading

What a Bazaar garden party?

Long time actress Nicole Kidman takes all our previous less than fun notions about garden parties and turns them right on their head in this angelic editorial in prestigious fashion publication Harpers Bazaar’s February issue. It is bright, fun and with the help of a peaceful spring backdrop and Kidman dressed in lacy patterns, fresh, clean whites and reddy purple hues, is oozing with … Continue reading

gig gig gig

I managed to spend tonight feeling seriously cool and more like a student than ever before at The Maze bopping my head to what the band that’s yet to be named called energetic, versatile new take on acoustic sound. The band consists of three members, Tom, Chris, Jack all fairly bubbly and clearly a tight knit … Continue reading


lately my internet has been extremely faulty and a little too some time-ish which has really pushed me to the edge. I never realised the extent to which I used the internet until it was a mere click away. This whole concept of our ridiculously close connection with the internet among other technology had me wondering … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Todays Photo of the Day is of Lindsay Lohan looking dark and dangerous in this sexy editorial spread for Vogue Italy. This September issue has really reflected Lohans recent rebellion and put a seriously edgy fashion angle on it. Although I’m not a massive fan of Lohan’s reckless antics I cannot deny that looking bad has really … Continue reading