So again I’ve been a little distant on here and I apologise, things at uni get regularly hectic and life tends to really take over sometimes. However, I’ve realised that I want to still get enjoyment out of my posts, so I try not to see them as burdens but rather creative releases. With that in … Continue reading

New York I Love You

The people were so much more friendly than they are here in cold, miserable britain and the atmosphere was a million times more lively than I’m sure I’ll ever find it to be in any other city I’ll ever visit. I feared before I boarded, that there WAS a small chance that this trip, this journey I’d … Continue reading

Outfit Recap

Here’s an outfit from last week that I forgot to let you guys know about. MY BAD. I love this look, its sort of preppy with the pleated baby pink knit and blouse underneath, and has a little edge at the same time with the mini skirt and crazy high heels. I really loved wearing … Continue reading

You can’t beat a good collage!

I am so proud of my sets on Polyvore that I think I’ll show them off every time I make one, so, here is set number 2! This set is a collection of the pieces from today’s outfit,   Sunny Days are Priceless by College Girl featuring a long chiffon skirt TopShop long sleeve top … Continue reading

Sunny Days are Priceless

Today has been beautiful! The sun was shining, the breeze was cool…I couldn’t help but take a little trip out and enjoy it while it lasts. Putting this outfit together was actually one of the easiest outfits I’ve ever styled. Light, flowing chiffon, vintage bag, cropped tee, messy updo and Jeffery Campbells to add an edgy element … Continue reading