Gypsy Girl Glamour

Gypsy Girl Glamour is all about feeling free enough to do whatever you want with your fashion without boundaries or limitations. Mix your prints with your polka and clash your blues with your greens, if it feels good to you then it’s good enough for everyone else… I got this strapless playsuit from Miss Selfridge under the Blue … Continue reading

Leopard For LIFE!

Leopard print has always been one of those trends I just can’t get enough of. My leopard love resonates so deep that I will always indulge regardless of whether it’s been approved by ELLE, Vogue or even my mother, nothing ever really manages to stop me! It dawned on me today that although we are … Continue reading

What you know ’bout Riding Pants?

Buying these Village Green Riding pants from American Apparel was possibly the most impulsive and amazing buy yet. The material is so thick that any material you tuck into it is practically invisible beneath it, which is great for those of us who love everything ‘High-Waisted’ *cough**cough* me and the colour looks dynamic with fresh whites … Continue reading

fashion highlights

Today was a fairly long and tiring day. I had lessons from about 8.50 am until 4.10 pm, yes, very precise. Regardless of my tired aching feet I still trekked it up to the Art Department to find my fashionable friend who I photographed yesterday for my no ordinary outfit post. Today she looked lovely yet … Continue reading