Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vogue?


YES, it’s true, K.Stew, a name I have never used for her before, has graced the cover of one of THE most prestigious¬†magazines on the planet. US Vogue’s¬†February issue is an omen to new beginnings, new cover girl and cover designer, both first timers to the unending line of cover queens and kings that came … Continue reading

Photo Of The Day..


Kate moss has always been a personal icon of mine. She is comfortable with her petite frame, small breasts and general grungy¬†style. I find it¬†refreshing that¬†she¬†doesn’t conform to the normal way everybody thinks we should act. I was reading Vogue, I forget the issue, and was greeted by this photograph. Kate Moss doing an omlette¬†in … Continue reading


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