LOOK, over here!

Out of the hoards of fashion-conscious bloggers all fighting for a place on that infamous LOOK show front row… why choose me? It would seem that while some flourish in algebraic formulae, and others thrive amongst complex scientific theory, my talent has and will always reside in my ability to write, with my love staying forever loyal … Continue reading

Snow Shoot for Magazine

Today I chose to use the snow to my advantage and take one of my editorials for my magazine. The snow, as cold as it was, was beautiful and looked so effective in the photo’s that I couldn’t resist it. I used my fellow blogger Ruju as my model as we have been hibernating at her house … Continue reading

Evening Post Baby!

After consistent determination and well put together articles and emails I have finally managed to secure some work experience in industry before I start University. Granted it’s only two days, but it is sure to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling two days of my life. I’ll be shadowing one of the editors who … Continue reading

Fashion Strand

Evie on your left and Harriet on your right just so you can put faces to the names ;).     Fashion blogging is a concept that hasn’t been around for centuries but in the past few years millions of people have taken to it like a house on fire, two of which I’m lucky enough … Continue reading

fashion highlights

Another stylish member of my college community was curious enough to let me take some pretty A class photo’s of her outfit today. I loved her ring, it was so cute and I enjoyed our little debate over it’s species…Accessorize claims it to be a rabbit but me and Emma are actually CONVINCED it’s a … Continue reading