LCF student learns more than just fashion…

A London College of Fashion student from East London cheated fashion brand Louis Vuitton whom she worked for, out of ÂŁ66, 844 in menswear and gift vouchers but has luckily been spared jail by a kind-hearted judge who felt that finishing her studies would be in the students best interests. 25-year-old Marta Praszkowska was employed to run … Continue reading

Pigeons and Peacocks

On one of my mad hunts for University I discovered the London College of Fashion. Everything about this website was colourful, creative and a small taster of more to come. Whilst scouting through the website I discovered Pigeons and Peacocks. I was happily surprised by this magazine, as I knew that alot of institutions don’t always practise … Continue reading

CG <3’s LCF Luggage

After spending nearly an hour sifting through hoards of talented photography and illustrations, detailed writing, and a widely varied range of extremely fashionable designs, on the LCF website for inspiration, (London College of Fashion), I discovered Sarah Williams. Williams is a MA Fashion Artefact student at the London College of Fashion and her speciality is specially designed luggage … Continue reading

Where should I go?

When University application deadlines are looming and I have a fairly good idea of where I want to be in the next 5 years, how is it that actually CHOOSING a Uni is possibly the most difficult thing in the world?