I Want them!!!

  I’ve recently been looking for my newest fashion crush and I have recently found it, courtesy of Kurt Geiger and it’s in the form of a pair of black, silver studded ankle boots. I, love them. They look so incredibly hardcore but they are made with the same level of detail as KG’s most … Continue reading

Dotty P Does Me Proud

I had my 6 weekly Uniform selection today from Dorothy Perkins and my final outfit choice was extremely surprising. Instead of the usual basic tees and simple cardigans I normally have to contend with, this time around I was pleasantly greeted by beautiful chiffon blouses, varied shades of lime greens, hot pinks and burnt oranges and  a refreshingly unique array of patterns from trial … Continue reading

more kg for me!

Today whilst trawling through town on my way home from college I stumbled, more ran, into Topshop only to be to utterly stunned and shocked by the beauty of what had once been a pretty boring looking area blocked off by cardboard. Little did I know that behind this cardboard would sit the new reason I’d be broke … Continue reading