It’s been a while since I posted an outfit SO today due to the loss of my beloved tripod, *pause for moment of silence* i’ve decided to use a different method to show you what I wore a few days ago. It’s one of my favourite outfits by FAR and depending on where I’m going … Continue reading

Bye, Bye Jane…

It would seem that the fashion outlet, Jane Norman has reached its final hurdle, and not to be cold but I think it’s about time. Jane Norman has been a presence in fashion since 1952 and granted, has clothed countless 16 – 25-year-old women in figure hugging cotton and thigh-length mini’s. However, as our economic climate becomes … Continue reading

H! by Henry Holland !

Yes you heard me Henry Holland, now although all you up to date bloggers and readers may have already known about Henry Hollands clothing line I sadly DID NOT! Major shocker, I know. I only knew dear Henry from Frock Me on T4, loved it and he always had this really quirky style that just worked … Continue reading