My New Favourite Necklaces!!!

Recently I’ve been spending alot of my time in and out of H&M rooting around in the accessories as I tend to do¬†and I have managed to fall HARD in love with two pieces of jewellery in general that I can’t seem to¬†separate¬†myself from. I saw two necklaces whilst on a trip to London last … Continue reading

We Heart Dottyk Hand-Made Fashion . . .

Whilst searching through the wonder that is Mademoiselle Robots’ Blog¬†I¬†came across this beautiful website that sold hand-made jewellery. Dottyk¬†is a¬†quaint website, with it’s¬†adorable¬†polka dot¬†background and feminine vintage themes¬†everything about Dottyk¬†makes me feel fuzzy and warm. I personally love Dottyk Classics. They have the most uniquely designed jewellery I have witnessed in a long time. … Continue reading