Alexa Chung does…Gossip Girl??

So it has recently come to my attention that on top of her¬†dominating¬†presence in both the fashion and entertainment industries, hugely¬†glamorous¬†modelling career AND major role as contributing editor of Vogue magazine, Alexa Chung has now officially topped it all with the biggest, shiniest cherry physically possible a pretty decent part in one of the biggest … Continue reading

Westwick gets Bazaar

Whilst scouting the internet for interesting, inspiring¬†information and imagery I came across what I would describe as raunchy, riveting and a little bit random. Super Mega-Model Helena Christensen and Gossip Girl‘s much-loved¬†rebel¬†Ed Westwick, came together in this intimate editorial for Harper’s Bazaars The Gossip Graduate. Not only do I for some reason have this unexplainable … Continue reading

Style Star – Blake Lively

Blake Lively has a young, vivid and bold sense of fashion¬†that always works…even when at times I feel as if it probably shouldn’t, or wouldn’t on me! What I love about Blake’s fashion is that she is consistent, I rarely catch miss Lively gracing the ‘Uh Oh’ page of Heat or the ‘What Was She … Continue reading

Leighton Suits Up?

We Heart Clemence!

From the dark cringe-worthy comedy of In Bruges to the mystical magic of Harry Potter Clemence Posey¬†has been enchanting audiences with her natural beauty, raw talent and more importantly her classic style. France-born Posey¬†has a classic grunge look about her.¬†She rocks vintage nudes, camel colours and¬†quirky spots and stripes, all implemented with effortless creativity and¬†feminine¬†french¬†flare. … Continue reading