SS ’11 Trends – Dorothy Perkins

Images courtesy of Dorothy Perkins was flooded with vivid brights and some serious colour blocking with varying shades of turquoise, green and blue. What I loved most about their collection is the blatant convergence to more daring fashion, whereas in the past Dorothy Perkins had pieces directed at a more mature audience. This season the brand is … Continue reading

Never seen a girl like you before…

I love when you’ve  been blogging for a while and you have that feeling that you now know your way around the fashion world, that your experience of fashion is vast and wide and your beginning to think you’ve seen it all, and then you come across something as wildly sexual and Hollywood’esque’ as this and … Continue reading

LOOK! a fashion show…

LOOK magazine has been gracing the shelves of newsagents, supermarkets and bedrooms for almost 3 years and has always openly been a pioneer for breaking barriers in the industry. First by being the first weekly women’s magazine surrounding the concept of beautiful high-street fashion and then by creating the first ever high-street fashion show to … Continue reading

Custo Collection

Over the years Spain has produced many amazing things. We have Spain to thank for a World Cup winning football team, Enrique Iglesias and even those spicy tortilla’s that burn the corners of my mouth, *grrr*, so imagine my pure unexplainable joy when I found this Collection on Custo Barcelona’s Fall Collection was showcased in New York Fashion … Continue reading