Azealia Banks Blows Up…

Okay so I couldn’t NOT post about this random new drama in the world of music regarding newest female rapper Azealia Banks, quirky British publication Dazed and Confused and a pretty thick, intense looking raspberry-flavoured condom…yes, I said condom. Basically, the situation stands as this, Dazed and Confused thought it would be a good idea, … Continue reading


It’s been a while since I posted an outfit SO today due to the loss of my beloved tripod, *pause for moment of silence* i’ve decided to use a different method to show you what I wore a few days ago. It’s one of my favourite outfits by FAR and depending on where I’m going … Continue reading

3 vital problems and 3 helpful solutions to working every look in the summer sun!

Every summer comes around and although we hate to moan … there are those pet peeves that we just CANNOT stand about the heat! The sun can be kind but lord knows it can be cruel and here are MY tips for surviving in the ‘heat’ of British summer… Problem 1. Sweaty Shirts Have you … Continue reading