Puppy Couture

From the day I got my little dog Saffron I knew I wasn’t into the whole puppy clothes thing. Yes, some pups look adorable in their little coats and tees but it’s not for Saffron, she’s a hippy dog, wild and free! Saffron, the most amazing dog in the world. Yet, how is it when … Continue reading

Chanel Haute Couture A/W 2010/11

Chanel. The word speaks for itself. For years this fashion house has been gracing the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world with their hauntingly beautiful designs and their elegant models. Luckily, Chanels Couture 2010/11 Collection is no exception to the rule. Now, the LBD has to be the most iconic term founded by Chanel to … Continue reading

Valentino Haute Couture A/W 10/11

Haute Couture originated in Paris, the city of romance and fashion. The term can loosely be defined as uniquely styled designs created by the major fashion houses such as Chanel, Valentino and many others. Haute Couture is and always has been individual in its creative themes and design. Fashion houses create these special collections that set trends that dominate the following seasons and grace the glossy pages of … Continue reading

Tesco Couture??

Today I read in the telegraph that Tesco is planning on opening an F & F store (Florence & Fred) in the WEST END! I haven’t thought of buying my weekly veggies with my jeggings before but why not? Cheap is the new BLACK, Primark being a prime example of this. I don’t think I’ve … Continue reading