New York I Love You

The people were so much more friendly than they are here in cold, miserable britain and the atmosphere was a million times more lively than I’m sure I’ll ever find it to be in any other city I’ll ever visit. I feared before I boarded, that there WAS a small chance that this trip, this journey I’d … Continue reading

LOOK, over here!

Out of the hoards of fashion-conscious bloggers all fighting for a place on that infamous LOOK show front row… why choose me? It would seem that while some flourish in algebraic formulae, and others thrive amongst complex scientific theory, my talent has and will always reside in my ability to write, with my love staying forever loyal … Continue reading

Fashion Strand

Evie on your left and Harriet on your right just so you can put faces to the names ;).     Fashion blogging is a concept that hasn’t been around for centuries but in the past few years millions of people have taken to it like a house on fire, two of which I’m lucky enough … Continue reading


One of those niggly things about blogging is when you have high views on your blog and comments etc so, you know people are reading it, and they don’t subscribe?!?!? It baffles me, I conjured up two possible options for this. 1. They do not know how and in that case all they would have … Continue reading


So lately as you may have noticed blogging has been fairly scarce on and my wordpress blog has been flooded with my day-to-day posts. You may wonder why this is, and not to mess you about but I’m thinking maybe it best to stick to wordpress. I am finding very little difference between the two blog … Continue reading

I’ve Moved!

I’m sad to say that I’ll be moving from WordPress to Blogspot. After a good few months WordPress has broken me into the world of fashion blogging and provided me with a really brilliant blogging experience but now I find it time to move onto better prospects…onto blogspot. I can do more with my templates and to … Continue reading

Just An Average Day At Work…

Seeing as work has forced me to be away from my beloved blogging I thought why not incorporate some of my work life into my blogging?!?! Sleevless Denim Jacket – Vintage Tee – Dorothy Perkins (Are you really that shocked) Dark Indigo Super Skinny Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (Shock!) See-through Jelly Peep-Toe flats – Miss Selfridge … Continue reading

Mind Full Of Glitter?

This adorable blog belongs to the one and only Ruju a very close friend of mine who rivals me in fashion CONSTANTLY! She’s unique, chic and is the ying to my complicated yang although I’d never willingly tell her that. Her blog is quirky and cute and a definite potential hit in the blog world, totally on the … Continue reading

The Stylish Heart

  With amazing personal style and wonderfully refreshing insight into fashion I picked the brains of one of the most popular What.I.Wore blogs of this moment, The Stylish Heart… How long have you been blogging? I started blogging back in April, so not too long, but I’d been following other blogs for quite a while … Continue reading