Dotty P Does Me Proud

I had my 6 weekly Uniform selection today from Dorothy Perkins and my final outfit choice was extremely surprising. Instead of the usual basic tees and simple cardigans I normally have to contend with, this time around I was pleasantly greeted by beautiful chiffon blouses, varied shades of lime greens, hot pinks and burnt oranges and  a refreshingly unique array of patterns from trial … Continue reading

A New Mad Hatter’s In Town…

I know I’ve recently been a little MIA but I assure you, only a couple more weeks until I’m free of all exams and stress. Until that beautiful moment I will throw random posts out here and there to keep you guys relatively happy and to be honest, to keep my sanity. So, the real fashion … Continue reading

January Wishlist

Christmas is so over overrated, I want me some January presents!   1. Glamorous Vivienne Westwood Earrings 2. Topshop Premium Camel Leather Pencil Skirt 3. Asos Key Ring 4. Strappy Black Suede River Island Wedge 5. Gold and Peach Coloured Frog Ring 6.Golden Lace Bow Necklace 7. Topshop Burgundy Oversize Clasp Purse 8. Golden Dior Nail Varnish 9. … Continue reading

Birthday Dress!

With my 18th soon approaching I’ve been scouting out dresses that would look WOW for when I go ‘out on the town’. However, I have been slightly disappointed at the small number of dresses that actually give me the fashion butterflies so I figured why not broadcast the ones I do like in the hopes … Continue reading

Snow Snow Snow

Well, as you may have noticed blogging has been scarce of late and I figured as I have been bed ridden most of today with an awful illness that I should make some form of attempt to blog and get my mind of my cold. I was browsing on ASOS…as you do, and found some … Continue reading