We Heart Chloe Mortez!

I haven’t done one of these babies in quite a while so after a long hard think I could only think of one girl to focus it on. She’s one of the youngest actresses I know to get away with cursing in a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie at the tender age of 13 with an … Continue reading

Youtube, here I come!

I’ve not really got into the whole Youtube craze and to be completley  honest with you guys, I think it’s about time and now is probably a better time than ever! Sooo, with that said, here is my first official Youtube video about my favourite dresses. Nothing life changing but something fashion based that I … Continue reading

Style Star – Blake Lively

Blake Lively has a young, vivid and bold sense of fashion that always works…even when at times I feel as if it probably shouldn’t, or wouldn’t on me! What I love about Blake’s fashion is that she is consistent, I rarely catch miss Lively gracing the ‘Uh Oh’ page of Heat or the ‘What Was She … Continue reading

gig gig gig

I managed to spend tonight feeling seriously cool and more like a student than ever before at The Maze bopping my head to what the band that’s yet to be named called energetic, versatile new take on acoustic sound. The band consists of three members, Tom, Chris, Jack all fairly bubbly and clearly a tight knit … Continue reading


I have this new found love for the silverscreen and old fashion from watching the films of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. I decided to base my film studies project on the importance of fashion and costume design in the films of Audrey Hepburn and I couldn’t be happier. The most recent film I watched of hers … Continue reading


lately my internet has been extremely faulty and a little too some time-ish which has really pushed me to the edge. I never realised the extent to which I used the internet until it was a mere click away. This whole concept of our ridiculously close connection with the internet among other technology had me wondering … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Todays Photo of the Day is of Lindsay Lohan looking dark and dangerous in this sexy editorial spread for Vogue Italy. This September issue has really reflected Lohans recent rebellion and put a seriously edgy fashion angle on it. Although I’m not a massive fan of Lohan’s reckless antics I cannot deny that looking bad has really … Continue reading