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Button Owl Feature

I wish I could say I came across Patrick Demarchelier through some divine fashion intervention or through my innate knowledge of the industry but in actual fact I was introduced to this amazing man through the wonders of film. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, a classic ‘feel-good’ fashion film, made comical reference to his name several times. I was always intrigued, who was this man and why had I never come across his name before? After a hefty amount of research and finding some intriguing photographs by the man himself I discovered his work and was able to put a face to the name.

Demarchelier is a French photographer who has worked for the likes of Bazaar and Vogue, shooting international campaigns for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior to name a few, so we can safely say he’s a pretty big deal in Fashion. His photography is usually either black and white and exposes the raw naked beauty in within people with immense immeasurable style. Demarchelier creates photographs that are both iconic and beautiful and that really reflect his passion for the arts and his creative French flare.

My personal favourite photograph shot by Demarchelier is definitely Princess Diana. She looks so demure and there are no dazzling, bright colours, bold textual fonts or model-esque poses to take away from her genuine beauty. I love the minimalist approach Demarchelier has taken to this photograph, it’s effortlessly mesmerizing and projects Diana’s inner elegance above all else.

This guest post was written by the lovely Paige L, a writer and fashion enhusiast. I managed to catch up with Paige and ask her a few questions about blogging, and Autumn/Winter fashion. Click here to visit Paige’s blog.

How long have you been blogging?

For like a solid month I would say. Considering how many blog posts I’ve done it feels like I’ve been blogging for much longer.

Do you believe in following trends or making it up as you go along?

I believe in a twisted mix of the two. Trends are excellent guidelines for me, I mean come on, we all love to buy a particular item of clothing because Vogue says we should, but I always add my own little spin on things. I find that when you use trends to direct your style rather than create it the end result is always a success!

What is your key buy for this Autumn?

I feel like my gut is telling me a heavy aviator with sheepskin fur and leather lining would set me on the right path for Autumn, but I don’t know if that makes me a sheep myself really. I can tell so many people will be trying to buy that ‘one of a kind’ leather jacket so maybe I’ll switch it up and say ear muffs, they have always been a fun fashion fave’ of mine.

Do you have a kind of special talent you’d like to share with us?

Umm, without sounding too cliché I’m going to have to say writing. I love writing out my opinions or interviewing somebody to find out there’s, that’s why I have begun doing features on people. I think it’s sometimes overlooked in blogging, I couldn’t imagine fashion blogs without the age old ‘What.I.Wore’ posts but I really love when a blogger pushes themselves just that extra bit and writes a really interesting caption or story behind it. That’s what I try to do on my blog anyway!

Fruit or veg?

Wow, um, I would have to say fruit. I feel like I’m cheating on all the veg I’ve ever eaten but fruit is just so much exotic. I also think, without sounding like a crazy person, it’s really versatile. I’d happily sit and drink apple juice but then when would I ever find myself drinking cabbage juice…really.

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