New Winter Maxi

Dorothy Perkins has done me proud this passing season with an array of knitwear sale from which this long, deep green maxi was discovered. It caught my attention whilst I was clearing…browsing, the sale rail on my shift and I’m so glad I picked it up when I did, and for over half the price. In this odd weather period where spring begins to make its attempts to pierce through the icy chills of winter, so many of us are baffled as to which to take out, the thin spring jacket that warms about 1/8th of our bodies or the faithful winter coat that has been locking in the heat for the past 4 – 5 months, but this woolen maxi gives me the freedom to wear that spring jacket and still deflect the wintry cold from the rest of my body. Granted this dress isn’t made from some kind of impenetrable material so we can safely say, I wouldn’t be completely immune from the cold breezes still lingering in these last few months of winter, but a little breeze won’t stop me from wearing this baby…at least until it begins to heat up a little, then I’ll be more than happy to swap my wooly best friend for a thinner, looser and lighter proto-type. Green Calf-Length Maxi – £32 down to £17 Dorothy Perkins, Suedette Black Wedges – £24.99  New Look, Gold-Look Chain – £10 Topshop.



































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