It May Be Cold Outside

It may be cold outside, winter approaching, rain beating angrily on my window but inside, thats a totally different story…

In my home is the hope of a new, exciting and hopefully HOT summer next year and whilst i’ve been in such good spirits I have also been cleverly seeking out new trends for spring/summer 2011 and am liking what I’m seeing. So much so, that yesterday I boldly purchased a maxi… i know, buying such blatant summer statement attire is risky business when where being faced with one of the coldest winters in a long time but I’ll tell you now, when everybody is paying full prices for their summer gear I will be dipping proudly into my wardrobe for the bargains I found this year!

My first summery purchase was definitely a bright one, perfect for garden parties, holidays or just really sticky heat where you want to feel loose and breezy. It’s just the length for my extended lower half, in summer when I was in fact searching for a maxi every one was either too long or too short so this impulse buy came as a pleasant surprise to me! The pattern is a personal favorite as you may know from  my previous Live, Love Leopard… post a while back but it’s got a bit of an edge that makes me stand out BIG TIME, which isn’t always a bad thing! Plus my leopard print maxi will be exposed next S/S ’11 right in conjunction with Roberto Cavalli‘s collection of animal prints so I’ll feel right at home! The dynamic combination of blood-red coloured leopard print and the long lenghth of the dress makes this one a new fave for the summer, just have to wait about …. I dunno, 8 months to wear it .


I love this dress, I’m very picky with my choice of maxi’s and dresses in general but this one is really bold and quite elegant. It was £30 reduced to £10 in Republic (, although I don’t shop there ALL the time, whenever I do go in I manage to bag a really nice ‘token’ item of clothing, bag, earring etc. I wouldn’t really go in there with the intentions of buying a whole outfit but you shouldn’t really do that in any shop!


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