Protect The Skin Your In

Naked ambition: Marisa Miller poses nude for a new Marc Jacobs 'Protect The Skin You're In' campaign

powerful, sexy and meaningful.

Marc Jacobs does us proud by bringing our attention, not just to how amazing Marisa Miller looks in the nude but, more importantly, how serious cancer awareness is. More than around 2070 people die from skin cancer every year due to a lack of awareness of the disease and how important it is spotting and treating things such as melanoma’s early. I think it really says something for the designer when they can put their passion for creating and promoting their fashion to one side and concentrate on a cause that affects so many individuals. Although I will admit I am slightly mesmerized by the jewel-crusted pumps hugging her feet, I am more drawn into this campaign because of the meaning behind it more than anything else and I just think that if campaigns such as this were more frequent in the fashion industry, considering how global and sucessful it is, awareness of several other charities, causes, and diseases such as Cancer could be raised drastically.

Miller isn’t the only celebrity to expose their naked bodies for the cause. Marc Jacobs has attracted the likes of Heide Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham to the campaign using thier naked figures on t-shirts to help bring global attention to skin cancer, in other words help the ‘tancrazy’ population to see the light…figurativley speaking of course.

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