We all love to be a part of something charitable, something that won’t only affect our lives but will affect the lives of millions of others that are less fortunate than ourselves. So when I came across the KISS IT BETTER appeal via a much appreciated tweet from the ELLE Beauty Team, I was really excited to promote it to the masses.

KISS IT BETTER helps raise money for the research into treatments and causes of cancer in children. Renowned specialist hospital, Great Ormond Street has come together with Clinique for the fourth year running and the appeal which is founded by ex-Beauty Editor Carmel Allen helps fund specialist nurses allowing many more children to be a part of clinical trials that could potentially save their lives. Carmel began this campaign to raise funds after her own daughter was treated at the hospital for  a neuroblastoma. She says: “The premise was really simple, Kiss it Better is something every parent says and does when their child is sick or injured. I wanted to turn Josephine’s experience into something positive and to help make a difference to the lives of children with cancer everywhere.”

I felt this cause to be something I couldn’t ignore, as cancer is sadly the biggest killer of children second to accidental deaths I believe this appeal should be seriously highlighted.

How to get involved?

If you are compelled to get up and be a part of this amazing campaign then there are several different ways you can help. Global cosmetic company, Clinique have really pulled their fingers out this year and have created a Limited Edition Smoothie Kisses Lip Gloss Set. This useful gift retails at about £22.50 and can be found exclusively at House of Fraser this month. From each sale made from the sets, £4 will be donated to KISS IT BETTER. In addition to the Lip Gloss Set, any Clinique Lip Stick or Lip Gloss sold this month at House of Fraser will result in a £2 donation from each product. You can also buy a unique print designed by Illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve which retails at £100 and it’s proceeds will go towards funding the cancer research. If you’re not really interested in some charitable retail therapy, (madness I know!) and would just prefer to make a straight donation to the appeal, go to the official website for KISS IT BETTER, http://www.gosh.org/kiss-it-better/get-involved/donate-online/ and donate as much as you can to help the campaign.

To learn more about KISS IT BETTER follow this link http://www.gosh.org/kiss-it-better/ and see how you can do your bit for the children at Great Ormond Street the millions of others suffering from this debilitating disease.

Feature image courtesy of www.chiropracticlifeblog.com

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