The Stylish Heart

 The Stylish Heart


With amazing personal style and wonderfully refreshing insight into fashion I picked the brains of one of the most popular What.I.Wore blogs of this moment, The Stylish Heart…

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging back in April, so not too long, but I’d been following other blogs for quite a while so when I started I had some sort of idea of how things worked!

What was your inspiration for The Stylish Heart?

I mostly wanted somewhere to document what I wear, as a sort of style diary, and i saw what a great job all you bloggers out there do and wanted to have a go for myself!

Where did the name ‘The Stylish Heart’ derive from?

I tried for so damn long trying to come up with a name, and I came up with some great ones but as I joined the blog world quite late they were all taken! I thought of ‘heart’ because I think it’s important to always put your heart into things, and it’s imperative to always keep your personality and your heart in the right place and plus I love clothes!

Name the three best things about having a blog.

* Features like this one! I still can’t believe I get asked and that people actually take an interest in my style!

* being able to look back on what I wore and draw inspiration from that.

* All the amazing comments i get from my readers, it’s wonderful and restores my faith in humanity a little!

Do you ever get nasty comments on your blog and how to you handle them?

I have never gotten a nasty comment, no! Maybe I should have? If I did, though, I would just ignore it as best I could. I’m not very good at doing that, but you have to think that that person must be so sad to take time from their day to make a nasty comment, so they’re not worth your time.

What is your opinion on people who leave cruel comments?

I think I answered this above, basically that they need to grow up!

Have you ever left a mean comment on somebody’s blog before?

No never! I’d never even think to do that. Everyone’s style is different so who am I to judge?


What would you say is the best/favorite post you’ve ever made?

I have no idea, I don’t have all that many to choose from! and they’re all just outfit posts. Plus, as my blog was started at the very beginning of summer, it’s all mostly summer outfits, which I never feel confident in for some reason. Get back to me in winter!

Name your top 5 Fashion blogs

Fashion Toast, late afternoon, Fashionsquad, Liebemarlene, and .. mine! haha. (I’m joking of course, I can’t think of a fifth off the top of my head!)


Which retro fashion trend from the past 50 years is your favorite?

High-waisted things! I think it’s so flattering and I would wear everything high-waisted if I could.


Which fashion brand could you not live without?

As damaging to my purse as it is, I could not live without Topshop, it just keeps on offering wonderful things, I just wish it was a bit cheaper!


Name a piece of advice for amateur blogger’s.

Don’t take it all too seriously – by all means put a lot of effort in, but if it doesn’t go amazingly well to start with, then don’t get too disheartened! Try and make it as fun as possible.

Take a look at the Stylish Heart’s blog at and marvel at her individual style posts!


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