Interview with Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit

There are those blogs that really make a difference in the blogging community and have an unignorably huge presence on the internet. They inspire and influence people’s fashion choices and educate their readers about fashion in their own personal ways. A blog that stood out for me was The Haute Pursuit. Not only does she have over 3000 followers on both Twitter and blog community site Bloglovin’ and has been building this amazing viral following with professionally self-styled outfits and designer labels since 2009. I couldn’t help but ask Vanessa a few questions about her blogging experiences…


Have you always been interested in fashion or is it something that developed later on?

What was it that made you start up The Haute Pursuit and what was your inspiration for the name?

I was stuck at a desk job and really bored. I was looking for some sort of creative release, where I could make something and call it all my own. A blog seemed like the most natural thing to do. I think I saw the ‘haute pursuit of….’ somewhere online and thought it was clever.
Would you class running The Haute Pursuit as a full-time career?

I wouldn’t categorize it as a career because I don’t see myself or want to blog forever. It’s what I’m doing right now, is what I tell people!

Did you ever imagine it would grow to the level that it has?

Nope. Never.

What have been the best and the worst aspects of blogging in your experiences so far?

Best: meeting amazing people, having a loyal following Worst: meeting bloggers who turn out to be assholes in person

Who are your favorite 5 bloggers and why?

I really admire the first wave bloggers because they were doing it for really just themselves. Blogging has become gimmicky and these people have stuck to their guns for YEARS. Jane from Sea of Shoes, Rumi from FashionToast, Karla from Karlas Closet, Lulu from LuluAndYourMom…and a couple newer bloggers like Ji from Luxirare (she’s uh-mazing) and StopItRightNow (she’s my new girl crush)
What piece of advice would you give to amateur bloggers?

Take good pictures, be yourself, write from an honest place.

To learn more about Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit then check out her blog


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