I took a time out to find out more about a blog that finds and posts beautiful photography and writes about intriguing aspects of fashion that stands out from the crowd. Here are the answers to several questions that we are all dying to know about Fashion-In-Pictures …


How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since the beginning of the year. My blog Fashion-In-Pictures- has only been up since May because I finally had time to do posts and keep up with it. 

What was your inspiration for Fashion-In-Pictures?

I really, really love looking through fashion magazines. Me and my best friends just love thinking up editorials because we are both creative. So i decided to make a blog totally dedicated to it. It is just pure fashion covers and editorials with a hint of great portrait photography. My best friend sometimes from time to time sends me links. Something we don’t do though is tear up our own mags to scan i have to find it on the internet first.

Where did the name ‘Fashion-In-Pictures’ derive from?

I actually have no idea. I remember just typing it in after 20 seconds of thinking. If you really think about it all the editorials and covers are all from fashion magazine, there all pictures so hence Fashion In Pictures. Does that sound confusing?


Name the three best things about having a blog.

1. A place to keep all the pictures I love. (Doesn’t fill up space on the PC)

2. Sharing fab pics with the rest of the world!

3. Getting other people’s opinions on things I really like.


Do you ever get nasty comments on your blog and how to you handle them?

No not really, because there’s nothing really anything to be nasty about. If they don’t like a picture what’s the point of getting nasty with me get nasty with the editor.

What is your opinion on people who leave cruel comments?

There really, really stupid! I don’t understand why people do it, especially when it is unnecessary. I think if you have an opinion on the post you can give your opinion but in a nice way, if that’s possible. Also i remember that saying people always say, “If you have nothing good to say don’t say anything!”

Have you ever left a mean comment on somebody’s blog before?


What would you say is the best/favorite post you’ve ever made?

They are all my favorite! If I was to pick 3 these would be it, just because i think there just so glamorous! :D

Name your top 5 Fashion blogs

An Olive a Day –

Chicmuse –

Style Scrapbook –

Vintage Virgin –

Fashion Hedonism –

Which retro fashion trend from the past 50 years is your favorite?

One fashion trend that I have been following since forever is flared jeans. Obviously now I can pull them off better and not look like someone really silly. When you wear them with a nice pair of high wedges they actually look cool.


Which fashion brand could you not live without?

I shop most at New Look, it’s my favorite shop in the world. Plus every single heel I own is from there: D


Name a piece of advice for amateur blogger’s.

Just be yourself on your blog. Don’t try and be something else in order to gain followers and don’t worry about how many you have.

Check out Fashion-In-Pictures’ blog at

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