Fancy a Job at LOOK?

Well, if you do fancy yourself a fashion editor, stylist, marketer or promoter of the future then how about some useful tips from someone already experienced and well equipped in the Fashion department at Look Magazine? Fashion Marketer, Lara Lain gives us a little exclusive insight into the world of a fashion professional and lets us in on some pretty interesting trade secrets …

Tell us about your position at Look.

I’m the Marketing Assistant, my Manager is currently on a years maternity leave though so I’m doing lots more senior-level work at the mo.

Did you go to University before you applied and have you done any internships?

I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature, from Cardiff University. I had previous intern experience at a handful of papers and magazines. I had previously worked at Nuts magazine and the Times newspaper too.

What is the most interesting aspect of working in fashion?

I’m always amazed at how new brands are continually emerging. I hear about a new store or online brand every week, they always interest me.

Whats the most difficult thing about working in fashion?

Probably juggling a blog and a job for me! I update my blog before work in the morning or on my lunch hour. Time management is key!

Is working in your position something that pays well?

My position is well paid compared to other positions of a similar level but it is no means a high paid job. You often don’t tend to get really well paid until you’re in a senior position (management level) within magazines.

What are your honest opinions on work placements and internships at fashion magazines?

Do as many as you can fit in/ afford! You often won’t get any payment for these, so just do them for as long as you can manage to get experience under your fashionable belt.

Have you ever been starstruck ?

I’m always starstruck! I’ve been around loads of celebs over the last few years and I love them all! Olivia Palermo was pretty darn cool at our last LOOK Show during LFW.

What are the most exciting events and locations that your job has taken you?

Our LOOK Show during LFW is the best (and biggest) thing I’ve worked on to date, it’s fab. I go to lots of events, film screenings and launch parties etc, I enjoy them all.

Do you see yourself working in Fashion forever, if not what type of career would you go into?

I’ve become really obsessed with fashion over the last couple of years, more so since Sept last year (when I started my own blog). If my job dries up I will try to stick within a fashion role for sure. I’d probably go down the PR route.

Do the controversial issues of Size 0 on the catwalk ever seep into the workplace?

We’re all about ‘normal’ girls at LOOK. Lots of people who work in our building (on different mags) are teeny tiny but it doesn’t bother me at all.

Many people take Fashion Bloggers for granted, what are your feelings on Fashion Bloggers?

Bloggers are key to keeping fashion alive. We all love it and we want to keep fashion ‘out there’ – brands should always be grateful to bloggers in some way.

You have a really lovely blog of your own, whats the best part about having your own blog and how long have you had it?

Thankyou! I started in Sept 2010, so not too long. I love that I can be as creative as I like when I write. It’s like running my own little world and I have fun with it.

What advice could you give to anybody with aspirations of working in the fashion industry or even specifically at Look magazine?

Work hard, work harder, work even harder at uni. If you don’t go to uni start doing work placements at 18 to gain experience. Just keep trying lots of different things until you find the job that you’re happy with. In regards to LOOK, all of the above and keep applying to the HR department if you really think you have something to offer the team.

If you want to learn more about Lara then check out her blog at or follow her on Twitter at @LaraLain


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