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Liberty London Girl

sasha wilkins

Being a Fashion Blogger isn’t an easy task, contrary to the belief’s of many cynics, we do work  extremely hard everyday doing what we do best. We post endless photos of newly bought wedges and vintage blouses, interview and feature fellow bloggers and industry insiders on our blogs, and analyse fashion trends, new and old, in an attempt to intrigue, influence and inspire the world of fashion in our own way. Sasha Wilkins of much-loved Fashion and Lifestyle blog, Liberty London Girl, has proved to be one of the most iconic and influential bloggers on the world-wide web. New York based Fashion Editor Sasha, set up Liberty London Girl in 2006, and has become a household name not only in the extensive blogging community but is also well-known and respected in the fashion industry. LLG successfully encapsulates all things fashionable and fun, integrating a wide range of concepts that don’t all just evolve around fashion. Reading LLG means more than just empty facts about clothes, shoes and catwalks, LLG teaches us new appetizing recipes, helps develop our ever-growing knowledge of health and beauty, and enlightens us with fascinating anecdotes of eventful nights out in endless breath-taking cities. For me Liberty London Girl stands out against the rest because she doesn’t have a narrowed view on life, she see’s everything as it is, good and bad and lets her readers know in a way that is both entertaining and truthful. I couldn’t help but speak to Sasha to better understand the mind behind the blog…

What was your inspiration for starting Liberty London Girl and at the time would you say fashion blogging was as common as it is now?

As a professional journalist, I wanted an outlet for my writing which wasn’t subject to the whims & caprices of commissioning editors, where I could be totally myself and write about what I wanted, when I wanted. There were hardly any British style blogs at the time: I certainly wasn’t aware of any at all back in September 2006 when I started.
Why do you think it is that fashion blogging has become so popular in the past few years?

I think the blog writers, as I do, enjoy having an outlet for their creativity, and that readers enjoy the window into other’s people’s lives and opinions. 
What is it that you most enjoy when reading a blog and how difficult is it to acquire that particular quality when writing posts on your own blog?

I don’t try to do anything when writing my blog. I just do it! The thing that I enjoy most in other blogs is when the writer has a particular, idiosyncratic point of view, writes well & concisely, and doesn’t just post lots of photos robbed from style.com with banal commentary or masses of images of the blogger in the same outfit pouting moodily at the camera.

In your opinion what is the worst thing about being a fashion blogger and do you have any regrets about any part of your developing career in the industry?

 There really isn’t anything I dislike about being a blogger: which is why blogging is now my full time job. My only regret is that I didn’t do organised things like buying and using my domain name earlier – when I switched names & platforms I lost a lot of followers & it took a while to get them all back again.

How did you manage to get chosen as one of Vogue’s official blogs and what is the best aspect of working with the Vogue team?

I have no idea! Being a part of the Vogue blog hub is a fantastic seal of approval, but the bloggers involved don’t work with them – they just feed our content. 

When you were younger did you always plan on working in fashion?

I’ve always been passionately interested in fashion, but I had no idea that I could have a career in the industry. I grew up in a pre-internet world, so there was very little information available on possible careers.

If you could be in any other profession what would it be and why?

 I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else. LLG allows me to indulge my interests in pretty much everything that captures my imagination from fashion & beauty to food & architecture. Being able to combine writing, cooking, photography & travel is just about perfect for me.
What are your plans for the future with regards to LLG and other aspects of your work?

There are lots of plans, but I can’t divulge them yet. There will be lots more video, for sure, and I am working again with Mercedes-Benz UK at London Fashion Week in February to run the @mercedesLFW twitter feed and blog & film for the Mercedes Voices of Fashion blog.

If you could give a vital piece of advice to blooming bloggers what would it be?

There is no magic secret to blogging. Write well, write often, don’t write too much. Edit, edit, edit. Post photos to engage the reader. It is easy to get discouraged because you feel no one is reading. In 2007, I started blogging daily from the beginning of March. After four months there were still days when I got just 20 page impressions, & five visitors. After eight months of daily blogging, there were still days when I only had 60 page impressions, most of which were from Google, not from readers. I got a little press from Grazia at the end of the year, and appeared on a few best of lists, and it just started to grow organically. But really the thing that propelled me forward was being part of the blogging community. I’m still fast friends with the tiny band of neophyte bloggers I met on line in 07 – and they are all big bloggers now! Leave comments, reach out, and make online friends… growing your blog organically is the only way to do it successfully & credibly

Check out Sasha’s blog at www.libertylondongirl.com to learn more about her.

Feature Image courtesy of Flickr.com

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