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Guest Post – – Representing the designer lifestyle

I was flicking through this months issue of Bazaar and I came across an interview with Peter Dundas. All in all, I don’t particularly like reading four-page interviews. I usually just skim through the talking bit, and sits for ages on end reading the beginnings, in which the interviewee is usually floating through a crowded room, pinching the eye of every occupant. Peter Dundas’s entrance was similar, with the hordes of not-so-shy girls ‘twittering excitedly’ around his perimeter, a beautiful women in red (his model) waltzing closely beside him. But for once, this was not the part of the interview that intrigued me.
Later on, Dundas said, ‘I really try to live the life, so I go to the clubs and restaurants where the girls are going. You have to represent that lifestyle.’ This intrigued me.
I found it odd that someone felt they had to ‘represent’ a certain lifestyle, as though going against a stereotypical existence was somehow against the rules of being an infamous designer, as though he would be pummelled with fists and pounded with pitchforks by his undying followers if he did not. For once, I would like to read an article in which a celebrity would be sitting in an unknown coffee shop, wearing nothing special, just jeans and a t-shirt, like an average person. No one should feel they have to live their lives according to other people’s expectations.
But then something saddens me. Most people’s lives- whether they admit it or not revolve around the lives of celebrities. Without the glamour, the hoarding girls, the scandalous affairs, the title ‘celebrity’ would be lost. I think it’s kind of sad that these people work their entire lives to accomplish something big and get a grasp on the large life, just to want a spot of simplicity again. Just to feel they have to ‘represent’ something everyone else wants, and make everyone else happy.

I found myself wanting more after reading this post and decided to satisfy my urge to take this feature a step further and ask the lovely Nesha some questions about her blogging experiences…

How long have you been blogging?

About five months, so not very long, but I’m really proud of how it’s grown in such short time.

What was your inspiration for The Button Owl?

I was inspired by other bloggers, namely Style Bubble and The Haute Pursuit. I thought starting a blog would be fun and expressive, I never really thought anything would come of it.

Where did the name The Button Owl derive from?

Um. I love owls?

Name the three best things about having a blog.

1. It’s a fantastic way of expressing yourself and a great outlet for creativity.

2. It’s a great way of connecting with others who share the same interests.

3. Making it look pretty is fun!

Do you ever get nasty comments on your blog and how to you handle them?

Yeah, I think every blogger does. When I first started getting a few nasty comments, I was slightly offended, but I got over it. I think I even have my own hater’s club! But it’s their decision if they want to waste their time slandering other people.

What is your opinion on people who leave cruel comments?

Leave them to it and don’t let them affect you. Don’t wrap your life around other people’s hate.

Have you ever left a mean comment on somebody’s blog before?

Never. I don’t think it’s very respectful. If you don’t like what someone is posting about on their blog, simply click the ‘unfollow’ button and turn to another blog. It’s that simple.


What would you say is the best/favorite post you’ve ever made?

Oh… I honestly don’t remember most of the things I post about, it’s all a blur of fur and shoes and lollipops. My favourite post was probably the ‘Is vintage becoming a trend?’ post. It was something that genuinely intrigued me, and I got a lot of response to the topic.

Name your top 5 Fashion blogs

1. Style Bubble

2. Shanfan’s Sketchbook

3. Style Rookie

4. Black Lily

5. Petit Dejeuner


Which retro fashion trend from the past 50 years is your favorite?

Hmm. Batwings? No. Fingerless gloves? No. Shoulder pads? Sure. Cause that doesn’t sound stupid at all.


Which fashion brand could you not live without?

Topshop. If there were no Topshop I’m pretty sure I’d die. Or start dressing in leg warmers and sweat shirts, I’m not sure which is worse.

Name a piece of advice for amateur blogger’s.

If you want your blog to get somewhere, you have to make yourself seem professional before other’s see you that way. So make sure you have the right layout, a great header image, press, advertisements… Just sell yourself.

Nesha’s blog is absolutely amazing and really worth following. Her personal style is really unique and her editorial posts rival some of the best in the industry. Take a peek, I can guarantee you will feel the same way as I do…

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