Vintage Fair Shopping in Leeds

So I’ve never been to a vintage fair, however by chance on a recent trip to visit a close friend in Leeds she decided a visit was on our to-do list as part of our weekend itinerary. I was quietly over joyed as it became painfully clear after looking at my schedule that I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

Red Lips and Leopard Print Scarves

HEY GUYS! It’s been a while but I am finally back on form with my blogging and I will NEVER neglect this beautiful blog again. SO without further adeau, here’s somethings that have happened that you may find interesting. So, I’ve almost finished year one of uni, so that’s kinda great. However, I hated the … Continue reading


  After a gruelling decade of educating myself, I am here to tell you I finally did it people. College Girl has officially ‘graduated’ from her college years, and is preparing to leave them far, far behind her in the search of bigger and better at University.  WOOOOOOH! For my American counterparts I believe this … Continue reading

2nd Look, Featuring…ME!

I’m really getting into this whole creating looks thing. It’s creative, fun and after you get the hang of it is very quick to do… After, what I perceived to be the ‘success’ of my previous Kourtney Kardashian set on ShopStyle I decided why not try and channel that same creative flare with my very own outfit,  who better … Continue reading

Fancy a Job at Look?

Well, if you do fancy yourself a fashion editor, stylist, marketer or promoter of the future then how about some useful tips from someone already experienced and well equipped in the Fashion department at Look Magazine? Fashion Marketer, Lara Lain gives us a little exclusive insight into the world of a fashion professional and lets … Continue reading

Nostaglic much?

  My ‘I can go anywhere’ ticket from my LCF Open Day (My Encounter at the London College of Fashion). The poor thing has been sleeping in the darkness of my purse for weeks now. *Sigh* London never seemed so far away…

Pigeons and Peacocks

On one of my mad hunts for University I discovered the London College of Fashion. Everything about this website was colourful, creative and a small taster of more to come. Whilst scouting through the website I discovered Pigeons and Peacocks. I was happily surprised by this magazine, as I knew that alot of institutions don’t always practise … Continue reading

CG <3’s LCF Luggage

After spending nearly an hour sifting through hoards of talented photography and illustrations, detailed writing, and a widely varied range of extremely fashionable designs, on the LCF website for inspiration, (London College of Fashion), I discovered Sarah Williams. Williams is a MA Fashion Artefact student at the London College of Fashion and her speciality is specially designed luggage … Continue reading

Where should I go?

When University application deadlines are looming and I have a fairly good idea of where I want to be in the next 5 years, how is it that actually CHOOSING a Uni is possibly the most difficult thing in the world?