Red Lips and Leopard Print Scarves

HEY GUYS! It’s been a while but I am finally back on form with my blogging and I will NEVER neglect this beautiful blog again. SO without further adeau, here’s somethings that have happened that you may find interesting. So, I’ve almost finished year one of uni, so that’s kinda great. However, I hated the … Continue reading

Just Me and my MAC!

After trawling through countless youtube video’s with women showing me how to create the perfect ‘Kim K’ curls or how to apply that coveted smoky eye, I found various different tutorials on how to create the most dynamic brow and became slightly obsessed… After almost an hour trying to pluck, line and more specifically ‘tame’ my … Continue reading

MAC Makeover

Around this time last year I had my first ever MAC makeover and it was a really amazing experience for me. Not only was I told the perfect shades, colours and tones for my face but they gave me a flawless makeover in the process costing me only £25. The best thing about that low … Continue reading


We all love to be a part of something charitable, something that won’t only affect our lives but will affect the lives of millions of others that are less fortunate than ourselves. So when I came across the KISS IT BETTER appeal via a much appreciated tweet from the ELLE Beauty Team, I was really excited to promote … Continue reading

S/S Trend .01 Neon Lips

The first super spring/summer trend is more beauty related than fashion but who cares, it’s soon to cause the likes of Mac,  Rimmel and Revlon to sell out stock within days! It seems this Spring/Summer brings with it a beautiful array of neon lipstick colours that would catch many an eye this season. Lips must be bold and stand out … Continue reading