Vintage Fair Shopping in Leeds

So I’ve never been to a vintage fair, however by chance on a recent trip to visit a close friend in Leeds she decided a visit was on our to-do list as part of our weekend itinerary. I was quietly over joyed as it became painfully clear after looking at my schedule that I wouldn’t be able to attend the Nottingham fair the following Sunday. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done, by far, and one of the largest places I’ve ever been. Packed out completely in different racks of vintage shirts, shorts and jumpers, with an endless number of tables and displays drowning in avant-garde jewellery and beautifully embellished brooches, I’d say we spent over an hour scouting around. There were possibly hundreds of people bustling about equally excited and emptying their pockets with just as much haste as me and my fashion induced companion regrettably were.











Check out when the Vintage Fair hits a town near you and go scout out some deals, there are genuinley an endless amount. It’s almost impossible to leave empty handed!

– Paige xoxo

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