Lichtenberg Love




Now, it’s been quite a while since I posted but I think it’s probably about time to get myself back into gear and back on top of CG! SO, with it being my birthday today…hitting the big 2 0, I thought it only right to start a fresh slate from here on to keep my blogging habits consistent and what better way to start breathing life back into the blog than with an update on a few new-found obsessions of mine.

I feel like my style is slowly changing and moving from quite girly and preppy at times to a little more alternative, beanies, heels and oversized graphic tees. Think Rihanna meets Elle, and the main brand that seemingly encapsulates this look perfectly for me at the moment is Brian Lichtenberg.

A regular for the likes of Kylie Jenner, Iggy Azealia and several members of the MSFT’s clique, Lichtenberg has been keeping my fashion juices flowing for a solid few weeks now. So it’s mainly the casual pieces I’ve fallen for, the jumpers, hats, t-shirts as I wont lie, I don’t know how I really feel about the dresses, HOWEVER, it doesn’t take away from how undeniably cool the brand is as a whole.

To say most of these bad boys are on my wish list, would be the biggest understatement of the decade. Watch this space. I have a feeling BL will slowly become my moderm day version of Pokemon cards. I will collect them all.









































Check out their Instagram and even their shop if you dare ..



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