Just me and my Viv

Over christmas my new found love hasn’t been a sexy new man or a depressingly addictive passion for chocolate, but a new accessory that has seen the light of day every day following it’s purchase. My tartan Vivienne Westwood albion is my baby, I love it and care for it as if it were truly created by my own hands and by the way it suits close to every outfit I own, it seemingly loves me too.


Also, how amazing are these photo’s! I’ve appointed one of my nearest and dearest friends from my course as my photographer and It’s possibly one of the choices I’ve ever made. She knows what she’s talking about, and her camera is incredible. For those who wanted to know it’s a Canon SLR EOS 50 D and it will be making my photo’s look like this on a regular basis!

If your intruiged my my phantom photographer take a look at some of her other work. She’s really talented, but her photo’s speak for herself. http://imogenlukins.carbonmade.com/.











Blouse – New York Thrift Shop Skirt – Topshop Scarf – Dorothy Perkins Earrings – Dorothy Perkins Flats – Primark Bag – Vivienne Westwood

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