Azealia Banks Blows Up…

Okay so I couldn’t NOT post about this random new drama in the world of music regarding newest female rapper Azealia Banks, quirky British publication Dazed and Confused and a pretty thick, intense looking raspberry-flavoured condom…yes, I said condom.

Basically, the situation stands as this, Dazed and Confused thought it would be a good idea, being their usual creative selves, to construct a cover for their magazine involving Azealia, an already majorly controversial artist, seemingly blowing up this pretty weighty looking condom to express the idea of her ‘Blowing Up’ in her career…in normal non-slang terms, ‘Doing Well’.

But really, it’s all going a bit wrong.

I mean, I know what the world will be pondering…how could Rod Stanley, editor of what people love to call the ‘alternative fashion bible’, not possibly think this was going to raise any eyebrows? But on the contrary, he did. A quote from the stanman claims,

‘Azealia liked it, and we thought it would be fun and suited her because she’s a strong, provocative character. I knew this cover would be talked about, but didn’t expect a confident, young woman posing with an inflated condom to cause this much fuss. It’s funny that in a world where extreme images are so accessible, someone posing with something that is used for safe sex is what we get worked up about.’

So it’s very clear, well, to ME at least, that he doesn’t too care for this big fuss being made, what’s ALSO very clear is that regardless of his pretty blazé attitude towards it all..quite a few other people are. SO FAR, this lovely cover has been BANNED , yes BANNED, in about 7 different countries, now yes, we might be talking some pretty conservative countries, the types that probably wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of Google if given the opportunity, but nonetheless we all have the right to withhold what we don’t agree with…

The countries I’ve read about that have apparently whipped these mags right off the shelves in their countries are, Singapore, Dubai, Malta, Switzerland, India, Thailand and I believe one or 2 more, as you can see, not really the leading pioneers for sex and freedom of speech but what can you do!

My view on this cover. It’s fine.

I’m all for sexual expression and freedom of independent thought, and if anything this cover promotes a level of safety amidst her blatant promiscuity with the bold use of that condom chillaxing on her mouth, there isn’t anything wrong with it in my eyes. What should be discussed is the detail of the article inside, Azealia has been through it, and her story is both HIGHLY intriguing, and a little tear-jerking to be honest, so with that in mind I really couldn’t care less about the somewhat ‘risqué’ cover. I think the masses should grab a life and take note, this is the society we live in and HAVE been living in for well over a decade. Deal with it. and dare I say, embrace it, because trust me, it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Check out Dazed and Confused’s online hub, Dazed Digital and check  out a sneek peek article for yourself, make your own minds,

– Paige xoxo

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