My New Favourite Necklaces!!!

Recently I’ve been spending alot of my time in and out of H&M rooting around in the accessories as I tend to do and I have managed to fall HARD in love with two pieces of jewellery in general that I can’t seem to separate myself from. I saw two necklaces whilst on a trip to London last week and couldn’t help but buy one, not wanting to seem like a crazy lady *as they were fairly similar looking* I stopped myself from buying them both, but todaaaay I honestly couldn’t avoid the burning desire any longer.

I had to buy it.

So now I have them both…AND IT FEELS GOOD. So cleeeearly, H&M jewellery isn’t made from pure 9 carat gold or encrusted with Swarovski crystals but costume or not, I think they are still both pretty special.


I don’t know which I prefer, I think I love them both. £6.99 and a whole lot of sparkle 🙂

– Paige xoxo

2 Responses to “My New Favourite Necklaces!!!”
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