Beyonce’s Everchanging Hair!

As a young woman living in a society full of celebrity and pop culture I have to say I’m just as makeup concious and fashion obsessed as the next girl. However the main fuel to my girly fire at the moment HAS to be my addiction to constantly changing hair, whether its weaving my hair with blonde extensions or braiding my scalp full of single plaits I can’t seem to stop myself. A woman who I know definitely feels my hair urges is the incredibly talented and stunning Beyoncé Knowles. Queen B has truly taken the average hair styles we once all LIVED for and has over the years completely turned them on their heads, from chic, stylish bangs to ghetto fabulous curls, she has put her Stylists, Colourists and ESPECIALLY her highly valued Weavologists maaaajorly through their paces.

Take a peek…

I don’t love ALL of these looks, but I’d say my favourite one of her hairstyles would beeeee…

Sleek, straight and the vibrant honey blonde she’s been working for the best part of a decade. I love this…she should maybe stick to this!

– Paige xoxo


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