Miley cuts her hair low,and I mean, really low…

I couldn’t help but blog about this abomination of a hair do. I’m not immensley crazy for Miley Cirus, since her Hannah Montana days I have always found her especially more annoying than most of her other disney channel brothers and sisters, but latley I will say I’ve been warming to her a little. Seeing her maturing nicely in her attitude, music and fashion sense as well as seeing her happy in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, *super hot actor*, makes me dislike her much less, and I always really loved her hair. Genuinley, I did. I thought it looked cute and typically preppy long but I honestly fell in love with it in the short bob she was rolling around with of late, but THIS, this I just don’t like.

Miley has done the unthinkable and cut it ALL off, and I’m not talking a Victoria Beckham type bob, you know, short at the back and a little longer at the front, I’m talking, Emma Watson post potter short…complete pixie. So I love pixie cuts, I loved it on Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams and even more recently Anne Hathaway who cut it all off for a film role, but I feel like one of Mileys trademarks was her beautiful, well kept hair. It shaped her face perfectly and kept her looking stunningly beautiful even when dressed up in some of her more edgy, grungy looks, it was the perfect contrast. Now with this look I can’t help but feel she looks a little masculine, and her somewhat round face doesn’t suit such a severe cut. The colour, I do like, it’s bright and in your face which is perfect for a celeb of her status, plus she’s young and bold, if you can’t bleach your hair platinum blonde when you’re 19 then when can you …really?

*This little bleach blonde messy bun is cute??!?!?! No?? It’s totally cute :(!! Why Miley WHY!*

I wish she had left her hair midway through the cutting and dying process, bleach blonde, well looked after and in a short bob, but no, Miley had to go all drastic on us all. The person responsible is majorly respected hair stylist to the stars, Chris McMillan but from the look of Miley’s tweets, it’s apparent they’re both very happy with the outcome. Unlike me. Who is not.

Miley Tweets  “Never felt more me in my whole life.”

In all fairness I am really glad she’s happy and comfortable in her own skin, it’s something that I can imagine is really hard to do in Hollywood, but then I mean lets be frank, it’s hair, it can grow back and if anyone know’s I know, extensions are a girls best friend, I just gotta wonder, is it really worth all the fuss and bother of cutting it all off in the first place??

I think this is a case of the age old issue with if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT! *sigh* Maybe I’ll get used to it, maybe I won’t, who know’s, but I can’ t be the only one with an opinion on this??!?!?!

What do you guys think? You like?

– Paige x

4 Responses to “Miley cuts her hair low,and I mean, really low…”
  1. Kellie says:

    couldn’t agree with this more! especially that she used to be able to pull off grungier looks, as her hair was so girly! 😦

  2. WHY!! I know.. She had awesome hair! and They said She donated it to cancer, the official cancer twitter tweeted it.” But I’m not sure.. so I guess That good too. I use to let my hair grow for that too! I did it two times, but my Hair is SUPER Long and pure!! Like her’s is Dyed and not that great to make a wig out of. Just me! 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never been a die hard Miley fan even when Hannah Montana first came out. But I was always in love with her hair. Not this hair. But the ones that she had beautiful long luscious mermaid locks. That kind of hair! I even loved the color she had when she played Miley on Hannah Montana. I think she looks fine as a blonde too. But basically she just threw away my dream hair. All of my inspiration gone. Just like that.

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