Living out my RunwayDreamz …

The other day whilst scouting the internet…as I do, I came across an image of the youngest of the Kardashian Klan, 15 year old Kendell Jenner who’s fashion I do really love, wearing a pair of the most amazing Americana frayed short shorts I’ve seen in a very long time. They were cute, vibrantly coloured and actually fit very well without having the whole of her bum cheeks slipping out the bottom and waving at passerbys! Scandal, I know. Soooo, I then went on a majorly difficult mission to discover the source of these shorts. Now this took quite a while. I typed in all sorts of random verbal combinations in Google some of which included, ‘Kyle Shorts Stars’ and ‘Short Short Jenner’, as you can see I didn’t get too far with my search and the trail turned up pretty cold.

Fast forward about 2 weeks.

I was scrambling around Tumblr like a crazy lady, having one of those impulsive Tumblr moments where you just feel the need to go hard and reblog until your fingers cramp up and during this I stumbled across this photograph of an INCREDIBLE corset. The corset was white, studded, lace and was paired with some pretty stylish tye dye short shorts. I of course moved slowly toward the reblog icon atop the screen, quietly wondering to myself how on EARTH I was going to find out where to buy this beautiful piece of clothing, when THANKFULLY I noticed something poking out from within the bust of the corset. A tag!! After zooming in about 200% I finally read the label, Runwaydreamz is what awaited me when I typed it into the address bar, and I’ll be honest, I’ve never felt so infatuated with a fashion brand since I first found the wonders of Topshop so many years ago. It was intense!

I scrolled down the pages and came across so much amazing fashion, from edgy denim shorts tye-died and frayed at the hem in typically grungy style to elegant corsets draped in gentle lace and quirky silver studs there were so many items on that website I could have gone a little crazy for and as I continued to look around, low and behold what do I find, Kylie Jenners shorts!! They they sat, in all their glory, I would’ve cried, but I didn’t…it would’ve blurred my vision whilst I window screen shopped. The main things that stopped me from emptying out my poor, POOR bank account were ONE, my already ever-growing wardrobe causing my home to look like one big messy rack and TWO the prices, now I’m not saying that it’s crazy expensive because the pieces were clearly handmade which are made few and far between and very difficult to do if I may add, but it’s not the type of spree that I could personally justify going on JUST yet.

Take a peek… I swear you’ll understand!

Some of my FAVOURITE pieces on the site,

Looky Look!! >>

– Paige x

2 Responses to “Living out my RunwayDreamz …”
  1. Super fun looks! I love the idea of pairing a gorgeous corset with some short shorts! 🙂

  2. Aneirys says:

    Those corsets and shorts are breathtaking, too bad is out of my price range for this year :/

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