Kardashian Kollection in the UK???!?!?!!

So my spidey senses are tingling as it has been made very clear via pretty much all social media that the Kardashian sisters are bringing their extremely popular Kardashian Kollection all the way over here to the UK. YAAAAY FOR THEM :D.

They’re collection is doing pretty well across the pond donning quite a big presence on the Sears website, from swimwear and shoes to bedding and hosiery, they pretty much have put their coveted Kardashian stamp on any and everything you could possibly want. One thing I’m a little intrigued about is WHERE their A/W 2012 fashion line will be stocked this November, wait for it guys…Dorothy Perkins *wait for anticlimactic moment*. As a previous empolyee of the brand I know the their demographic inside out, and trust me, the people looking to emulate a Kardashian, are really not going to be scanning the shelves at Dotty P’s, but HEY, I’m sure Philip Green has some clue as to what he’s doing.


Now I have looked at some of their pieces a few times and what I will say is that even though they DO have some outfits that I would definitely either rock myself or have seen them wear out and about, there are others that I have to say are nothing to shout about. Both as a collective and as individuals Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all in my opinion have an incredible sense of fashion, they USUALLY dress very well styled, sexy and sometimes quite edgy, so I would expect to see a bit more of that reflected in their designs. However, overall, I’m presuming that it will do well over here too. Yeeees, it will most probably have more to do with their celebrity status and major following more than the ‘mind blowing’ creativity of their dresses, shirts and bottoms, but WHO KNOW’S, the quirky, unique influences of the UK could give their line the real UMPH it needs to really take off.

I do really love all three of them, so I’ve got my fingers crossed…here’s hoping!

– Paige x

Take a sneak peak at their Kardashian Kollection yourself..


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