Gomez Does Teen Vogue…Again

Check out the adorable Selena Gomez absolutely rocking her recent Fall Fashion shoot for the infamous fashion magazine Teen Vogue. With heavy off the shoulder knits and a hauntingly beautiful beach back drop, Gomez’ editorial looks like something pulled straight out of an epic love story or fantasy novel. Also, something to note, would be Selena’s much more mature appeal, as oppose to her June/July 2009 Teen Vogue shoot where when draped in a large number of girly accessories and covered in playful colours and prints was shown from a MUCH younger angle. I have to say I quite like this new, older Selena, she looks stunning in pretty much every photo *figures!* and gives a fairly candid and interesting interview to boot!

The issue is out now if you can’t help yourself from reading the whoooole article but as for the pictures and a few snippets of the interview…look no further my friends, I got you covered!

“Being part of the Disney Channel was such a blessing, and I’m super happy with what my show accomplished, but acting is something I would like to take on more seriously. I don’t necessarily feel accomplished. I want to create a whole different persona when it comes to acting.”

“I’m lucky. I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will come organically.”

 “I’ve never been comfortable with saying, ‘Here’s a top that I’m going to sell for $350, and it’s just a T-shirt.’ I get sent things that are really nice, and I’m like, ‘This is cute,’ and I look at the tag and it’s $200. I’m like, Oh my gosh, people probably think I buy it, and I don’t. It’s really weird.”

On her next album, “It’s going to be different—a little older but still really fun.”

Learn and read more about the talented young entertainer, http://www.teenvogue.com/industry/coverlook/coverlook-september-2012/selena-gomez-teen-vogue-photos#intro

– Paige xoxo

One Response to “Gomez Does Teen Vogue…Again”
  1. She looks fabulous in these pictures!

    xo The SunKissed Sisters

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