Kimye…Style Icons?


Now I’m a HUUUGE fan of the Kardashians, I will not attempt to deny this.. I love their crazy drama, their innate determination and most importantly their amazing sense of fashion. Every single Kardashian has their own unique way of styling their outfits, all of which I tend to instantly fall in love with pretty much every time I see them on a red carpet, at an event or even just shopping at their local cornershop. However of late I’ve been a little conflicted as to the middle sister Kim’s choices in fashion, as a result of her new rapper love interest Kanye West. I mean, it’s very clear they have UNDENIABLE chemistry and I do really like them together, but honestly, sometimes I sit there, glaring at my laptop or television just thinking, why? To be fair to them, they have had instances where they DO get it really right with the whole ‘couple dressing’ thing, I’ll give them that, but I can’t quite figure out if the good outfits truly outweigh the bad? In my eyes, together, Kim and Kanye or ‘Kimye’ as they’ve been recently named, actually have the potential to be pretty incredible Style Icons, if only they could quit seemingly getting dressed in the dark every now and then…

Here’s how I see things.

Kimye on a Good day

*HOWever, kim’s hair in the the first image Kimye on a Good Day where they’re both in all white is highly unflattering. I hate the slicked back look on her. I think she needs SOME kind of fringe.*

Kimye on a Bad day

*What the hell is the deal with Kims outfit in the 3rd picture from the left?????!?! Come on Kimmy, come on.*

Thoughts?? Is it just me??!?!?

– Paige x



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