We Heart… Ashley Madekwe!

Now, I have to be completely honest here and admit to the fact that this time last month I had little to no knowledge of the newest craze amongst my peers that the masses call ‘Revenge’. This new thrilling drama has totally caught the attention of the a decent number of my friendship group, with me being clueless as to why…until now. After finally taking the advice of a close and clearly wise friend of mine and forcing myself to watch the first pilot episode on-line, it became painfully clear that a severe addiction was in its very first stages.

So about 3 weeks and 22 episodes later, here I am, now fully involved in both the characters lives on-screen AND off *oh how the addiction spreads* and in the process have become somewhat mesmerized by the young and extremely talented Ashley Madekwe.

It seems that dear Miss Madekwe is way into more than just TV and Film. This British and Nigerian-Swiss Londoner has caught my fashion senses off-guard with what would seem to be an intensely humbling and chic fashion blog!!! I KNOW! She even has her own Lookbook.nu account which continues to baffle, surprise and excite me!

On-screen her outfits are very… ‘neat’ and incredibly well styled, something straight out of a Teen Vogue editorial spread. With her fair share of dolly dresses, sky-scraper stiletto’s and skinny waist-cinching belts, I’d say renowned costume designer Jill Ohanneson has really done Madekwe’s character proud, as her looks are DEFINITELY not to be ignored.

However OFF-screen is where, for me, Ashley really proves herself to be a genuine style icon in the making and for sure my new favourite fashion crush! She has the same originality and creative flare that I see in so many successful fashion bloggers, models and stylists and after trawling through endless outfit posts on her blog, Ring My Bell, I’ve found myself falling in love with her playful prints and edgy designs and her admirable courage to wear some of the most eye-catching colours I may have ever seen.

If I didn’t have a reigning style icon prior to this post, then let it be formally known, I do now. Ashley Madekwe, I commend you, your fashion sense is refreshingly inspiring and your acting talents only continue to further my addiction to the programme that’s seeming to capture a GREAT deal of my time.

Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look yourself…

You don’t see this kind of styling everyday.

Ashley’s Blog –  http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.co.uk

Ashley’s Lookbook – http://lookbook.nu/ashley_ringmybell

Also, if you have yet to delve into the intensely twisted world of the of ABC’s newest success, Revenge, then take a little time out of your day to understand my new obsession. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed… Enjoy!

– Paige x

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