Beyonce’s Fashion Mishap at the BET Awards

Now it is a well-known fact that my utter love and devotion for  Queen B is no secret to the masses, I love her passion, drive and have yet to stop listening to every album as far back as Destiny’s Child. HOWEVER, one of her most recent appearances at the 2012 BET Awards has got me AB SO LUTE LY reeling!

For a woman who spends a solid percentage of her time glamorously travelling across the globe in the company of stylists, makeup artists and people dedicated solely to keeping her lustrous blonde locks looking stunning 24/7, I can’t seem to bring myself to understand the real reason that she felt it necessary to even THINK about leaving the house in what she evidently thought was an acceptable choice of dress for the evening.

This lime green silky mess looks PASSABLE on the red carpet, Stéphane Rolland‘s Spring Couture 2012 collection DOES include some undeniably beautiful pieces, but to be completely honest this ball gown was really not made for the incredibly sexy curves of Miss Knowles. It sits, hugs and hangs in all the most unflattering places and the colour could have done with being either a little lighter or a little darker, as I find that PARTICULAR shade of lime slightly nauseating to look at.

AND to make matters worse, I can’t seem to get over how bare and lonely that leg of hers looks! Much like when Angelina Jolie thought it acceptable to whip out HER bare leg at this years Oscar Ceremony, this too looks a bit much for my liking and really quite strange to look at. I am a maaajor fan of risqué fashion, do not get me wrong, but with the way I feel this dress looks anyway, that high side slit really just doesn’t do anything to rescue it whatsoever.

Bottom line here is, she has too many people around her ode to keeping her looking like a vision of perfection for this little disaster to have been okayed, but HEY, were all human, and this does secretly make me feel better…what with her music legend husband, new-born baby and 5 star lifestyle ;).

Let us just hope that this fashion faux pas was a result of some kind of stress and hope never to witness anything similar any time soon!

– Paige x

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