We Heart Chloe Mortez!

I haven’t done one of these babies in quite a while so after a long hard think I could only think of one girl to focus it on. She’s one of the youngest actresses I know to get away with cursing in a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie at the tender age of 13 with an incredible sense of style and a really down to earth attitude about fame, fortune and just life in general. Atlanta born actress, Chloe Mortez is the epitome of grace, style and elegance, whilst still managing to keep that refreshing innocence about her that so many pre-teens and teenagers seemingly lose after a glimpse of the dazzling Hollywood spotlight. Every time I see a photograph of miss Mortez either on a red carpet, at an event or even just walking her dog down some random street, her outfits completely stun me. They are well put together, always extremely colourful and sometimes actually quite mature for a 15-year-old, nonetheless, I can’t stop gushing about this incredibly talented young lady and thought it best to share my newest style crush with the world ;).

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– Paige xx

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